This month’s event was all about women in tech and trades who are proving that they are more than just a diversity quota filler & industry leaders who are setting a new benchmark for inclusivity every day.

It was an evening where we shined the spotlight on women. Industry leaders spoke about why they have not settled for a seat on the sidelines, and how they are setting a new benchmark for inclusivity everyday.

“Diversity is an invitation to the party, Inclusion is about an invitation to dance”


Ruby Kolesky - Heart of Product, Joyous

Ruby started off her career in tech as a software engineer and was the only female to graduate in her class. She has experienced first hand what it is like to be a mother in a male-dominated work-place. Come join us to hear Ruby speak about her experience with motherhood and her job in the technical field and her influence in creating the Joyous parental journey benefit.

Chris Stevens - CTPO, Fergus Software

Chris is the newly appointed Chief Technology and Product Officer at Fergus, leading their engineering, product and design teams. Chris is a SaaS veteran, having worked for several global success stories such as PushPay, Orion Health and most recently, AskNicely. What's even better is his passion for building awesome software that delivers for its customers, the hard-working trades using Fergus being the best example.

Amy FitzPatrick - Owner of Pink Sparky

Amy FitzPatrick - Owner, Pink Sparky

Having started her apprenticeship in 2004, Amy is now the Founder and Director of Pink Sparky. She currently employs, trains and supports 2 female apprentices on their path to being fully qualified. Amy and her team are based in The Waikato and fully support Women in Trades.

Babra Ajaz

Babra Ajaz - Software Engineer, Fergus

Babra is a recent graduate from the University of Auckland. She studied Computer Systems Engineering and is working as a Software Engineer at Fergus Software. Her journey in the technical field, although just starting, has been guided with strong mentors that encourage her every day to be her best self and not let any biases come in the way.