Agile Session with Xero - 2015

Location: Held at Xero Offices, Parnell   |   Date: Held on Wednesday 3rd June, 2015

An evening with Xero learning about their Agile development methods.

SheSharp and the Hi Tech Company of the year, Xero, brought together an action-packed evening with women from all fields of technology. There were plenty of opportunities to network with the women of Xero and find out about what Xero has to offer.

A workshop was also lead by Xero on Agile development methods and project management, all key skills for your future career in tech! These workshops involved several games to make us aware of the nuances of working productively in any team – not just software!
We had awesome guest speakers from Xero that shared their journey into tech with us as well as the part Xero is playing in getting more women into the technology industry.