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DATE: 25th May 2021

TIME: 6-8 PM


This event wass organised by SheSharp, in collaboration with GeoAR Games.

We heard the inspiring story of Melanie, CEO of GeoAR Games, and learned how she grew her start-up and worked on national as well as international projects!

As we know, it’s quite difficult for women to make it in the gaming industry and many females go through the stereotypical work environment. Melanie had some great tips for young women out there who are looking for a career in gaming, and how to make it in the industry! The gaming world needs women, like Talia Pua, Carol Taka and Vaanipriya Diwan, who were part of the panel on the night!

Although this event was aimed at women, we had high school/university students and people who were far into their careers or looking to change pathways. We had a range of activities lined up, such as networking, ‘gaming’ trivia, and fun AR game sessions.

Thank you NZDGA for sponsoring the delicious food 🙂


Melanie Langlotz is the founder of Geo AR Games and the ideas person behind the product range. She has got a varied 20 years background from both a technical and management perspective in the Entertainment and Media industry and holds a Post Grad Diploma in Entrepreneurship, a Diploma in Business Coaching. She has spent the last 7 years immersing herself in game psychology and Augmented Reality. Her original AR WORLD idea goes back to Feb 2011 with the first prototype being developed back in 2012.
Mel has been through 2 business incubators: Start-up Chile and Lightning Lab, which provided the springboard for Geo AR Games, our first product "Sharks in the Park" and later on "Magical Park".


Talia Pua

Talia is equal parts a performer and designer of playful interactions. Her body of work spans across multiple disciplines including, but not limited to, game and play, installation work, theatre-making and performance. She has worked with AUT, Geo AR, MOTAT, Red Leap Theatre and Proudly Asian Theatre. In 2019 she was awarded a Gold Pin for her board game 'Continuum' at the Best Awards.

Carol Taka

Carol is a freelance Maori Game Designer. She is working as a junior Developer with GeoAR, doing game design and programming amongst other things. She has a Bachelor of Creative Technologies and this has supported her journey in the industry. She enjoys working with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and hopes to work more with those in relation to her Maori heritage.

Vaanipriya Diwan

Vaanipriya graduated from Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Creative Technologies. Having studied such an interdisciplinary course has allowed her to learn and gain valuable skills in many subjects. She's freelancing with GeoAR Games and utilising her augmented reality, concept and game design, and communication amongst other key skills.