Date: Held on 1st May, 2017

Come along to hear outstanding women give quick insightful talks about their challenges, inspiration and motivations around solving real world problems using technology. This inspiring group include a wide range of experience from award winning high school and university students to working professionals, demonstrating that inspiration can happen at any age!

Is a non-profit series focused on building capability and relationships within communities. What makes it special is that it is driven by the purpose of celebrating and empowering everyday people who are doing incredible things. We focus on sharing stories that may otherwise not be heard.

It’s no secret that, for many years now, men have been the dominant voices in the technology sector. She# is here to change that. We aim to encourage women in computer science, computer engineering, IT, and tech-related fields to develop academically and professionally. In addition, we help you to network and learn with each other; fostering the advancement of women in high school, university and industry.Make sure you also register for another great event straight after this one in the same venue.