Game Development Workshop - 2017
Location: Held at Orion Health, Grafton | Date: Held on Saturday 25 February, 2017

Students learn how to create a computer game using Construct 2

Over 50 (mainly high school students) joined us for our first She# event of 2017 held at Orion Health. We started the workshop with some ice breakers and team building games so everyone became for comfortable and familiar with one another.

Using the workbooks and USB’s provided, students worked in pairs or individually to create a game using the platform Construct 2. After a morning of writing code and testing the game we broke for lunch refueling on pizza! This was then followed by a presentation by our guest speaker, Niamh Fitzgerald, a game developer and Media Design Student. Niamh shared her experience and insight into the NZ game development scene – she became an instant hit with the students with a prolonged and very positive and interactive Q&A session.

Niamh Fitzgerald

SPEAKER – Niamh Fitzgerald – Game Developer

I have been a gamer literally since before I could walk. I completed a Bachelor of Computer Science(Hons) at Otago University before working for a few years in a government IT sector as a Project Manager, System Admin and general gap-filler. But the games industry called to me, so moved up to Auckland to study at Media Design School. I have almost completed a Bachelor of Creative Technologies focussed on game art and game design, and have established a company called Suntale Games that is close to releasing it’s first commercial game. I am on the board of the New Zealand Game Developers Association, and I am a strong advocate for getting more girls into game development.