We operate in an unusual world that has seen workplaces and normal operating models change from the norms that we have been used to. Navigating the “new normal” can be challenging for both new starters in the tech industry settling in, as well as for managers and teams helping their junior staff find their pathways and build networks in often remote or disrupted working environments. 

In this interactive, in person session we will be talking with some of ANZ’s women in tech whose careers have been  formed throughout these disruptive years, we will hear about their journeys and expectations versus the realities and how they have faced and adapted to the challenges. Supporting them we will also hear from more senior team members at ANZ on how they are helping support people to strengthen their resilience and protect their wellbeing through change. 

Date: Thursday

21st July

Time: Evening

6:00 – 7:30 PM

VENUE: ANZ Albert Street, Auckland