Security 101: Plugging the Data Leak

Security 101: Plugging the Data Leak with Flexware - 2016

Location: Held at Unitec, Mt Albert  |  Date: Held on Saturday 28 May ,2016

Flexware gave us a first hand look into security and why it’s so important today

The awesome team at Flexware came and ran a security workshop with us. This involved learning about Ciphers, encrypting and decrpyting and working with Arduinos. The aim was to emphasise to everyone just how critical security is in addition to learning the basics of how it works. Check out the Flexware team below.

Peter Jenkins - Managing Director

Peter has over 30 years experience in embedded software development and commercialisation in New Zealand and overseas. He has a wealth of knowledge for the team to draw on with a broad Software and Engineering background. He has a BE(Hons) and ME, both in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. When not coding, Peter may be found hiking off the grid in remote areas of New Zealand.

Mira Kim - Senior Software Engineer

Mira is an experienced mobile app developer. She develops and maintains Android and iOS apps for a large US based corporate client. In addition, Mira develops web applications and database management systems. Mira comes from a strong industrial embedded control systems background with a BE(Hons) in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Auckland. It is debatable whether Mira’s RSI is caused by gaming, coding or playing the flute.

Alice Lawn - Software and Electronics Engineer

Alice is a recent graduate with a BSc and postgraduate certificate in Electronics and Computer Systems from Victoria University with a focus on computer vision.
Alice joined the team with enthusiasm and has already taken charge of in house product development and management roles while working on client projects. With a personal collection of over 100 rubber ducks (none of which reflect her brightly colored hair), you could say she’s Quakers for collectibles.