She Sharp is teaming up with MYOB to discuss the diversity of careers in technology and the multiple pathways we can take to achieve our dream job in STEM.

Come along on Thursday, 28th April, 6:30 pm and engage with an expert team of MYOB panellists who will highlight some of the pathways that can be followed which lead to a career in Technology, participate in a guided workshop to help discover our deep-set motivations and Q&A with the MYOB and She# teams to create a composition of insights to enable us to make conscious career choices based on our aspirations and motivations…. so YOU can definitively begin to Mind Your Own Career.

We will have special prizes and giveaways for those who register and attend the event.


Lindsay has been with MYOB for 6 years across a variety of roles and is currently Delivery Manager for a cross functional team of developers and engineers focused on site reliability engineering.

She’s passionate about diversity in technology in all its forms and finding opportunities for people to thrive.

Kyle is a Senior Developer at MYOB. He’s a classic T-Shaped Full Stack Developer and has worked with C#, Jade, PowerShell etc.

He strongly believes that the journey is half the fun; traditional or non-traditional, we learn from all of it and it’s what we make of it that counts.

Taylor started at MYOB just over a year ago, in the FMA program as a protege Software Developer. Since being at MYOB she’s had the opportunity to grow and navigate herself through the corporate world, discovering what it’s like to be a Software Developer, venture outside of this expertise and work aside one of MYOB’s Business Analyst to further develop her skills in another area.