4. Hacking Insecurities
Location: Held at GridAKL | Date: Held on Wednesday 19th August, 2015

Michelle Dickinson a.k.a Nano Girl shared her tips and tricks on beating imposter syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome is a long talked about topic that many people in the tech industry suffer from (not just women, either!). It’s that feeling of not being good enough or that you don’t deserve to be where you are today. We often think we’re alone in this mindset; but most people feel this way at some point in their career!

We had a presentation from Michelle about what imposter syndrome is and how to overcome this barrier that is stopping you from being awesome! Her life motto is to stop complaining and start changing and say yes to anything that doesn’t kill you. Her presentation was inspiring and led onto group discussions about a range of topics related to imposter syndrome. We had talks about our overuse of the words “sorry ” and “just” as well as what we thought our best traits were and whether perfect life-balance was achievable. The event was a definite success, made possible thanks to the awesome location at GridAKL and our amazing Guest Speaker Michelle Dickinson. It was empowering and encouraged everyone to start saying yes to things! Michelle also shared what success and leadership meant to her and urged others to do the same. Video of the event coming soon!

Michelle Dickinson

Michelle Dickinson

Invisibility and invincibility are two superpowers that Dr Michelle Dickinson always dreamed of as a child, and is still trying to achieve them through setting up Australia’s largest Nano-mechanical testing laboratory in Auckland, New Zealand. With a background in fracture mechanics Michelle is formally trained in breaking engineering components, but is passionate about devoting her life to breaking stereotypes, through her science communication media work on National TV and radio. Michelle has worked exclusively with billionaires and brilliant minds, offering her input into ways to harvest solar energy and create cheap and accessible drinking water as well as helping to design technologies for a sustainable future. A competitive kite surfer, casual rock climber and practicing martial artist, Michelle works hard to inspire females to push the boundaries in both science and sports and to encourage sustainable living through engineering design.