Celebrating Anita Borg’s legacy and her passion for the advancement of women in technology.

Anita Borg Birthday Celebration - 2015
Location: Held at Unitec Campus, Mt Albert | Date: Held on Thursday 16th January, 2015

The Google Anita Borg Scholarship Alumni and SheSharp together hosted the Anita Borg birthday celebration to commemorate the truly inspiring woman she was. This was an event that happened globally in honour of Anita. We shared her incredible journey, stories and how she helped form a path for women to enter the computer world. She had such a strong passion for encouraging women into technology and continues to be an inspiration for women today.

The event had lots of cake, pizza, goodies and surprises! Teams created a short video about their passion for technology and thoughts on Anita Borg.
Our guest speaker was illustrator and game developer Lianna Booton who talked to us about her journey into game development.

Lianne Booton

Lianne Booton

I have been painting and illustrating since I was 17 and have been through a variety of jobs and locations trying to find my place in the world. From exhibiting artwork in NZ and the UK, to becoming a political researcher, archivist, web designer, and animator; I finally settled on game design. I taught myself how to program two years ago, and now I run my own small studio collaborating with other programmers and artists globally. I also work with two of my friends at another studio, currently producing a role-playing game called Druids of Gemini.

A frequent participant in worldwide game design competitions and local programming events, I have garnered a reputation for my quirky and weird art style and bizarre premises for games. I am also one of the board members for the NZGDA and speak on issues women face in technology, provide support to female students wanting to network and give guidance from the perspective of an artist.